A Conversation with Tiffanie Pope

Aidan sat down for a great conversation with Tiffanie Pope, a practitioner of the cultural elements and proud mother of an 8 year old girl. Tiffanie shares heartfelt stories about how these elements have impacted her and her family. Enjoy!

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Connect with the organizations that Tiffanie talks about, near the Asheville, North Carolina area.

Forest Floor Wilderness Program              Earthpath Education

7 thoughts on “A Conversation with Tiffanie Pope”

  1. This was beautiful!!
    As a fellow outdoor educator, I am wondering if you might be willing to pass my information off to Tiffanie Pope so that I might chat with her about 2 things:
    1. The food and movement aspects spoken of in the podcast &
    2. The girls program

    I am doing similar things on Vancouver Island with http://www.wildcraftplay.com and look forward to connecting.

    Thank you very much for further expressing stories in this way. I feel very blessed to have people like you in my sphere right now!

  2. Wow! Thanks Aidan, Tiffanie and Angelie for sharing this beautiful story! as you say Tiffanie, one has to start where one is, and for me who is in a rolling stone phase for the time being, that means connecting electronically like this. All these conversations are so uplifting and keep inspiring me to get stuck into this work/play of repairing connections. Sometimes I think ” is humanity now losing the plot totally or is it just me?” But this is a reminder that there is a mycelium -like network of human wisdom quietly manifesting. It’s growing.

    Angelie receiving the knife struck me as a metaphor for our approach to life in general. In the same way we turn the received wisdom of telling kids NOT to play with knives on its head, we can approach other “accepted” paradigms from a different direction altogether.

    So glad to see you following in Jon’s footsteps Aidan. Without the thread his work has provided, I honestly would have tried somehow to get off this planet by now. Not sure how, but that was the feeling! I am really looking forward to the 512 project.

    warm wishes

  3. Thank you so much for your inspiring words, Aidan and Tiffany!
    It really helps listening to other peoples stories on the same path that we are trying to walk along.
    We are just in the process of building up a nature connected community here in austria and I just dreamed about the day when my two boys will have the ritual of theire right of passage….in the circle of our friends and community members. What a wonderful thought….
    So thank you again! The best greetings from austria to you all over there 😉

  4. It was for my so beautiful to hear this interview with Tiffany. I just had this last Tuesday a sharing with Vera and Tiffany at the Village talk and there I also was so touched by Tiffanies depth of self-and nature connection, that she left me smiling, inspired and hopeful. So really nice to hear again from her and the important place she and her family has given to the 8 Shields programs. O do get touched deeply if I hear her talk about the skill set her 8 year old daughter is developing by her own love for developing her own depth of authentic humanity. So Hail to you and your family, Tiffany !
    I also deeply loved reading Aiden’s stories at the beginning of this message.
    So inspiring and important that he shares from his rich history!. Thank you Aiden and thank you Jon and all who give their life and love to get this work into the world.
    Matt, Kirsten, Skeed, Josh, Shore, Richard,Jonathan, Sidhika, Regina, Sam .. and all I others that join Village talk and all those I haven’t, as yet, met on Village talk and Art of Mentoring. Really inspiring to have met you and I really feel you have invited me into your wonderful family, that is so deeply intone with nature and our ancestors.
    Big thanks to all of my family members! And I have a feeling that I’m prepare g a gift for some of you. Love to share it when it’s presentable :-]

  5. I did send it too early. I should have corrected some typing mistakes Could anyone change the O for I and ….last part where I write so deeply intone instead of in-

  6. I just heard about your project and would love to support it (and get the final product) but missed the deadline of your campaign. Please keep me informed.

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