Practices for connection

Foundations that enhance connection, threads that strengthen relationship

The happiness of a child, vitality, truly listening and being truly heard, empathy, unconditional helpfulness, recognizing the gift of life, having compassion and forgiveness, finding peace and tranquility within ourselves. These are all things that we feel or have felt when we are at our best. These are the things that we strive for in our own lives and that we hope for for the people we love.

We all have fleeting moments when others have helped us to embody these characteristics, and when we have helped others. We all have a deep desire, an unconscious competence in creating space to bring the best to those around us.

Jon Young’s life work has been to distill the practices that help us to create a connective environment. To have the competence in embracing and empowering the best in ourselves and others. In 36 years of dedicated field work and research, in collaboration with countless mentors and elders from around the world, he has mapped 64 simple practices that create this space.

In this project, we will tell the story of every point on this map. 64 twenty minute stories that hold a picture of the parts we can play to bring a world that embraces connection to ourselves, connection to each other and connection to the world around us.

We have already filmed the first 24 stories, in 3 weekends, at 3 different 8 Shields affiliate communities. We need your help to fund the 5 more weekend events, and to cover post production costs to bring these stories to life as video and audio.



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