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The 512 Project is the culmination of Jon Young’s life work. In 37 years of collaboration with trackers and cultural leaders from around the globe, Jon and his collaborators have distilled the essential Cultural Elements that connect people to people, nature, and themselves. Join the 512 Project and learn to see your own life journey in a greater cultural context.

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We've already put 15,000 miles on the "Warrior"
We’ve already put 15,000 miles on the “Warrior”

We’re traveling to communities that work with the 8 Shields Nature Connection Mentoring model, and spending a weekend doing a recording session of 8 episodes. That means you get to watch a video where Jon is inspired to tell these compelling and transformative stories before a live audience.

We’re starting with a 20- to 30-minute story from each of the 64 Cultural Elements. In the end of this project we will have 512 stories, including 64 stories from each strand of the 8 Shields model: Community Facilitation, Species Relationships, Nature Techniques and Skills, Progression of Embodied Archetypes, Mentoring and Community, Cultural Elements, Regenerative Wisdom Principles, and Sensory Development.

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