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John Gallagher

What if we looked at that dandelion growing on the sidewalk as powerful medicine instead of a weed? John and his wife Kimberly founded to use plants as a way to connect children with nature, helping them grow up to be caretakers of the environment.

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These stories inspired John to start Learning Herbs.  Now, our mission is to share these stories with as many people as we can. And we need YOUR help. Please consider Supporting Our Kickstarter. All of our supporters receive exclusive audio and video content in addition to early access to the stories.


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  1. I just want you both to know that I SO enjoyed the interview. You are SO right on…the way to think…the way to be…the connection with mother earth and with each other. I was planning on joining herb mentor anyways but now I know that the decision to connect with your company is for all the right reasons. John…you think like me. Thank you for sharing this inspirational interview. Just to share a little inside piece of me and how I got started on my path of herbs and medicinal plants. I listened to the entire Audio series of “Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean Auel…after that I decided that I wanted to be a “Plant Medicine Woman” so now my journey begins after working 40 years in a hospital as a Radiologic Technologist. Im so excited and that passion you talk about in your interview is deeply rooted within me too! Love & Light….Marie Romesberg

  2. I just attended a day-long workshop on nurturing children’s sense of wonder in nature sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. It was part of a “Preserving Early Childhood” conference and is another story of how people who work with young children in Early Childhood Education value culture and nature. Your project clearly resonates with those of us in Early Childhood who wish to preserve these values in our children’s future.

  3. I live on Adak Island, AK, and no longer have access to unlimited internet–I pay $150.00 for 4 gigs/month–you can imagine how fast that dissipates. Is it possible for those of us who do not have unlimited streaming capability to access written transcripts of your content, all of it, not just John’s? I am a member of herb mentor and have taken courses from John while in Michigan–I miss being able to access herb mentor and learning herbs whenever I want.

    Thank you for what you are doing–stories are life–and we write our own every day.

    1. Carolyn, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We currently do not have the resources, but we would love to provide transcripts in the future.

  4. An interesting interview. I wish everyone could have the Wilderness experiences you had at school. I got a little experience of that in the (UK) Girl Guide movement. Plants always fascinated me, and I have used plants and herbs to a limited extent in healthy living and for healing. Much of this was traditional in my family, and never thought of in any structured way. The last few years I have become more involved and informed, and your website has been very helpful in my steep learning curve in this area. I am excited for the book to come. Last Christmas I got the kit for myself – fun!! I also bought the game for my grandchildren and for a family in my church who I knew would love it. My daughter-in-law loves the game for so many reasons – education, co-operation and a load of fun. We have done a little “herbalism” with the children at church, and I hope to do a whole load with my grandchildren when they visit me this Summer. Thank-you all for making it all both easy and fun.

  5. Awesome John – you Always bring Amazing knowledge to the table ! You are always so generous with everything you share – you have amazing website , and always bring exciting things to learn – carry on the Good work – and A Big Thank You for your amazing generous knowledge , seminars, webinars , recipies etc etc … Looking forword to whatever more is coming – THANK YOU X

  6. Wonderful to hear the two of your connections and dedication. Thank you both for your passionate interest in living in a more vibrant world full of health, with room for all sentient beings. Appreciating John’s comment about the board game, that it’s “infused” with all that connects us. I’m always value reminds how much everything and everyone are connected.

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