Anna Breytenbach and Jon Young on Cultural Elements influencing Animal Communication

This morning I had the opportunity to talk with Anna Breytenbach who is a dear friend of mine and a true supporter of the 8 Shields network. You might know Anna B (as I call her) from her appearance in a documentary called The Animal Communicator. We talked this day through Skype with me in California and Anna B in Kenya, East Africa where she is leading a course on animal communication.

Kenya is the land that Ingwe (1914 to 2005) grew up among the Akamba people. Anna got to know Ingwe and his wife Elizabeth through her connection with 8 Shields. Ingwe was one of our elders, founders and biggest contributors to what is now the 512 Project and 8 Shields. We spoke fondly of this ancestor of our project, and remembered some of his wisdom about connection through the senses.
We explored how Cultural Elements contribute to the journey of deep nature connection and how supportive models such as those related to the Art of Mentoring and Village Building prompt the development of subtle sensing capabilities. Wonderful retrospective on Anna’s journey of connection and communication.